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The Vocalist Studio

About The Vocalist Studio

Robert Lunte - Vocal Expert

The Vocalist Studio is an international organization of voice coaches founded by well known singing expert Robert Lunte. Robert and his international team of voice instructors teach the TVS method of singing. A very popular method, practiced in over 90 countries world wide.

This practical singing instruction system revolves, for a large part, around building muscle structure and muscle memory that enables you to bridge different registers of your voice in a healthy and effective way and increase your range with several octaves.


The Four Pillars Of Singing is a comprehensive vocal training system available in the following formats: The Four Pillars Of Singing Book + HD DVD (equal to 9 standard DVD's). It is also available as complete Digital Download or as a Flash Drive offering.

VIDEO: Author Robert Lunte About The Four Pillars of Singing

The Vocalist Studio Singing Lessons:

At The Vocalist Studio you decide how and when you want to take your singing lessons: you can follow lessons, online over Skype, in person, at events or in a training intensive with master vocal coach Robert Lunte at The Vocalist Studio in Seattle. You can also choose to train yourself with the multi-media training system "The Four Pillars Of Singing", which consists of a book, and and a large collection of lectures and singing exercises in HD Video and Audio, executed by Robert Lunte himself, to show you exactly how to practise in a correct and healthy way. Click the images below to learn more about each option for your singing lessons. When you click a link you will be taken directly to The Vocalist Studio Site for maximum convenience and the latest information.

Singing Success

Video: Brett Manning about Singing Success

Singing Success

The Deva Method®

Non-Classical Approach for Singers

Vocal Coach Jeannie Deva

The Deva Method Books & Lessons

The Contemporary
Vocalist Vol.1
Free Voice Lesson
With Jeannie Deva
Free Voice Lesson
With Jeannie Deva Part 2

What is The Deva Method®?

Robert Lunte - Vocal ExpertIt is an effective, comprehensive non-classical approach for singers that gives you an understanding of your voice and puts you in control. This method was developed from the premise that the body has a natural voice production process and if you understand it, you can sound the way you want without hurting yourself.

The Deva Method is natural

It is also based upon the same principles that athletes use to train and improve their skills. Once you understand the way your body works, you can warm-up and train the needed muscles to perform well. A marathon runner would never think to compete without lots of warm-up and muscle training and yet singers, who are vocal athletes, are always trying to just get in there and do it without adequate preparation. If you try to use muscles that aren’t developed, you may hurt them and you certainly will not achieve control and stamina.

This Method Improves Your Voice

“Hi Jeannie, I got your Contemporary Vocalist course and I am thrilled. One of the nicest things about it is the assurance that ‘you can improve your voice.’ I get so tired of people who sell you courses who waiver on a point as important as this.
I can see the idea behind the vocal exercises and it makes sense. We all think of the voice as a mysterious magical thing. But when you think of it in physical terms, it is understandable that it can be improved.” -Victor, The east coast kinda guy from the west coast.
So our method provides the correct information about vocal anatomy in a way that doesn’t require a biology degree to understand. Then it incorporates warm- ups, breath support as well as physical and vocal exercises that gradually develop your muscles so you can sing without tension while you expand range, power, volume, stamina and control.

What about Breath Support?

A good method of breath support provides the right amount of air for each pitch you sing instead of too much (which is the most common problem for singers). If you don’t have a system of breath support that works naturally to provide just the correct air for each note, you will become involved in all sorts of gimmicks to try to remedy the tension and other complexities that will arise.
Jeannie Deva worked for a long time to discover a natural method of breath support that prevents air over-blow and throat tension. You actually need less air for higher notes, but most singers push out too much as they “reach” for pitches. This causes tension as their throats and larynx attempt to compensate. Ms. Deva’s method of breath support is not necessarily new but it has never before been so understandable and easy for you to do.

Ribcage Expansion

The Deva Method utilizes ribcage expansion as a means of breath support. You may have heard of it as it has been around for quite awhile, but even singers who “have studied it” often do not really know why it works. Ms. Deva thoroughly researched human anatomy, compared it to various methods of breath support and found that ribcage expansion works the most naturally with the body. It takes a bit of practice to learn it well, but once you have it, you will not need to think about it while you sing and it will remedy many problems you may have encountered. It is relatively easy to do once you understand why it works. Here is an unsolicited testimonial of a 17 year old singer from Australia.
“Dear Jeannie, My whole life singing has been my passion. I ordered your course. You have taught me more in a couple of weeks than anyone before. I’m so happy with the progress that I’ve made and it’s all because of you!
I’ve worked hard on my rib expansion and feel like I can do it pretty well… it’s amazing how much more of a pleasure it is to sing without any of that throat tension!!” – Ilaria

The Contemporary Vocalist

When your breath control is well learned and natural, you don’t think of it when you sing. You are free to create your song with feeling and make your audience experience it.
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